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In 6 years, BIITS has delivered impeccable service across industry verticals to leading enterprises including global brands.


BIITS is specialized in data science as a service, BI solutions, and data analytics consulting. We help enterprise companies to make better decisions on time by helping them in big data analytics and visualization.

We have a dedicated team of software engineers, big data developers, data scientists, business analysts, and domain experts to help you resolve critical problems of your business with vital data. We help futuristic companies to grow faster and make fewer mistakes.

Data Visualization & Business Intelligence

We helped organizations through our BI solution to provide more insights of their RAW data. It helped organization to take business decision based on their Key performance Indicators.

For 5 years, we have been helping top-level organizations with end-to-end Business Intelligence services (BI). Our team works on optimizing our client’s capabilities to leverage different types and forms of data sources and, make better and more informed choices. We aim to fulfill our client’s requirements and assess their goals and challenges, with necessary solutions, by involving data analytics, data mining, dashboarding, and advanced analytics.

Enabling quick decisions
Meet desired business goals
Data Visualization Service
Anything You Need

Our latest business intelligence and data visualization solutions enable organizations to extract meaningful insights from both raw and processed data.

DATA Integration Service
Bespoke Solutions

At BIITS, we ensure that we do not use a single - size approach, and we promise to meet the obligations of your company to develop a customized data integration solution for your requirements.

Data Integration

We offer comprehensive advice which includes strategic, development, and implementation and support services, to speed up your data integration initiatives.

Our data specialists provide you with core expertise to make the most of your investments in data integration. Combined with our unique data tools and automation capabilities, our comprehensive data integration expertise helps in reducing complexity and the time to market.

Do You Have a Data Problem? With data integration services you may need assistance. Unfortunately, at times, business managers do not stay informed of one of their most valuable assets – the data – residing in isolated systems (in the cloud and on – site).

speed up your data integration initiatives
make the most of your investments in data integration

Enterprise Data Lake & Data Warehousing

BIITS helps its client enterprise in rationalizing its data warehouse & Data lake systems, bring down the cost of running it, and deploy an analytics platform to unlock the business potential of big data.

We bring together innovative solutions to develop a seamless solution. Our customers have achieved cost-saving and revenue-enhancing benefits by investing in our data warehouse and Data Lake optimization services.

Today, enterprises are facing a cost crisis with historic data sitting in expensive relational data warehousing environments, while data creation is on the rise in terms of volume, velocity, and variety of data. This problem can generate multi multi-layered recurring cost issues.

bring down the cost of running
unlock the business potential of big data
Enterprice Data Lake and warehousing
Anything You Need

To effectively compete in the age of big data, BIITS helps organizations to switch their approach from traditional data warehousing by offloading appropriate data to a cost-effective big data platform

Robotic Process Autimation
Digitize Your Business

Our services help enterprises to optimize time to market, reduce costs, and simplify the overall delivery process which helps our clients to concur with major real-time business challenges.

Robotic Process Automation

The digital age is forcing organizations to modify their business models. BIITS is constantly developing new innovative ways of service delivery with a customer-centric approach. Our services as RPA consultants are focused on prime factors like enhancing and ensuring customer loyalties.

The most important thing for any business in this era is the efficiency of work. Our certified RPA developers, architects, and admins have helped various organizations to achieve efficiency and we are committed to continuing to do it.

innovative ways of service delivery
customer-centric approach

Advance data analytics

Advanced Analytics is effectively increasing the value of all the plans of action, by utilizing measurements and helping in choosing the best available option to increase the profits. It is likewise being utilized to crunch past information and using it to anticipate unfavourable circumstances and in turn avoiding them. An increasingly detailed examination of this information can truly help in setting a stable work process.

BIITS can see that our lives are much less demanding as compared to how it was 10 years ago, and this is a direct result of Data Analytics. Data Analytics has truly reduced the gap between fiction and innovation. Right from Facebook to YouTube, the science of data analysis is being utilized all over.

increase the profits
stable work process
Advance Data Anaytics Service
Powerful Insight & Innovation

High-performing companies frequently rely on having an intrinsic capacity, to settle on convenient and key choices with the available data to make timely & strategic decisions based on a vast array of detailed information.

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