Web Based Application Challanges & Solution To Overcome

Modern Web Based Application will produce a significant role in Daily Life

Web Based App Devlopment

Major Web Development Challenges and Solutions 

The web development landscape is continuously evolving to satisfy the ever-changing market demands. Business owners are now creating value-driven solutions that generate positive experiences. However, we cannot deny the fact that ensuring top-notch quality across user interactions is not an easy task. 

Web Development Process

Curating a consistent and easily maintainable web development process is one of the biggest challenges that businesses face. Some companies are unable to follow a standard roadmap and end up making losses. They often experiment with different approaches, which can meet their requirements for the short term but are bound to introduce unpredictable vulnerabilities in the future. This increases the time-to-market and makes maintenance activities more complex and time-consuming.

Tech Stack

A technology stack is a series of tools that are necessary to design and develop a web application. These tools include web-based technologies, independent applications, platforms, servers, frameworks, APIs, IDEs, SDKs, programming languages, and more. Your chosen tech stack will directly impact your business outcomes. It may either help your project succeed or bring it close enough to a breakpoint. There are various tools and technologies available that developers can use


Delivering engaging user experiences is not an easy job. It is one of the top web design challenges developers have been facing for years now. It is all about improving interactivity and providing simple yet effective interfaces that create a long-lasting relationship with your target audience. It is imperative to prioritize a visual appeal that connects with your user base in a hassle-free way. The goal is to make the app easily accessible and usable and readily available at each step.


Unlike mobile and desktop applications, web apps can be accessed whenever possible. As long as you have a well-connected device (e.g. smartphones or tablets), you can approach authorized data stored in remote servers.

Lower Investment

A No matter which operating system your device is using, you don’t need huge investments in numerous versions of your web app. Therefore, compared to native and desktop software, a web app costs less.


Web apps can be more secured if hosted on dedicated servers. Such platforms allow your programs to make full use of a server’s resources (e.g. RAM or storage) instead of sharing them with other sites. Concurrently, they are under the continuous supervision of professional web administrators.

About Web App Development

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Web-Based Application

Streamlining Your Business Operations Our company provides custom web-based application development services to help businesses streamline their operations and improve their bottom line. Our team of experts has years of experience developing high-quality, scalable, and secure web-based applications that are designed to meet the unique needs of your business. Our web-based application services include:

  • Web application design and development: We work with our clients to develop a custom web-based application that aligns with their business goals and enhances the client’s brand. Our team uses the latest technologies and best practices to ensure that the application is user-friendly, responsive, and optimized for performance.
  • E-commerce development: We specialize in building robust e-commerce platforms that are tailored to clients’ business needs. Our e-commerce solutions include online store design and development, shopping cart integration, payment gateway integration, and order management systems.
  • API development: We help to integrate third-party services in web applications by building custom APIs that enable seamless data exchange between the application and other systems.
  • Web application maintenance and support:We provide ongoing maintenance and support services to ensure the web application runs smoothly and continues to meet your business needs. Our team performs regular updates, bug fixes, and security patches to keep your application up-to-date and secure.
  • Web application analytics and reporting:We use the latest analytics tools and technologies to help track application usage, measure user engagement, and optimize the application performance. Our team provides detailed reporting and insights to make informed decisions about clients’ applications and business.
  • At our company, we're committed to delivering exceptional web-based application development services that help businesses succeed in the digital world. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you streamline your operations and drive growth and success.

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Frequently Asked Questions

With a wide range of web apps emerging daily in the market, you’ve overwhelming options for web app development platforms to choose from.

  • Angular JS developed by Misko Hevery at Google; Popular brands built – Netflix, Amazon, PayPal, etc.
  • ASP.NET developed by Microsoft; Popular brands built – Slack, Alibaba, MasterCard, etc.
  • Ruby on Rails developed by David Heinemeier Hansson; Popular brands built – Airbnb, Shopify, Zendesk, etc.
  • React was built by Jordan Walke, at Meta; Popular brands built – Facebook Ads, Instagram, etc.

Based on your expertise in web app frameworks and requirements such as user experience, security, scalability, and so on, you can make the selection. Otherwise, leave it in the hands of the web app development agency you collaborate with.

The timeline will depend upon certain criteria such as requirements, complexity, available resources, expertise, etc. So, it’s quite hard to predict an actual range for every web app development project. 

It entirely depends on the scope of the project. However, on an average, it takes 4-5 months to build a web app from scratch. Else, if you’ve all the modules ready for the web app, it might take a period of 3-4 months.  

By communicating your requirements precisely to your web app development partners, you can possibly optimize the time period. 

To develop a full-featured web app, it should go around 7 different stages. We’ve highlighted below the workflow of web app development from the start. 

  • Stage 1: Gather your requirements  
  • Stage 2: Design the wireframe mockups
  • Stage 3: Add interactive elements & functionalities 
  • Stage 4: Develop the front-end and back-end of the web app through coding 
  • Stage 5: Add content to all sections 
  • Stage 6: Web app testing and QA
  • Stage 7: Post-launch maintenance of the web app

Like how you maintain your new car/home, it’s equally crucial to maintain your web app. You don’t stop by just buying a new car/home, you regularly clean, paint, fix the repairs, and so on. 

Similarly, a web app should be maintained frequently. You should check for software updates, fix bugs, and more for an optimal performance of your web app. It’s not possible without the help of a developer. So, it’s good if you confirm with your agency whether they will take care of the maintenance work. 

At biitsinc.com, we provide web app maintenance services, where we’ll be resolving bug fixes, speed optimization, software updates, database management, and many more.

As you’re signing up with an agency for your web app development project, you’ll have to share your private details like phone number, login credentials, end-client’s details and so on. To give you an assurance of data security, the agency will sign an NDA with you. Non-disclosure agreement (NDA) is a sensitive concern in web app development. This is a sign of accordance between you and the agency for your data without being vulnerable to thefts or fraudulent activities. As your reliable web app partners, we at Biitsinc.com, are so concerned about your privacy & data security. Before we start with the operations, as first things first, we sign proper NDAs with our clients & partners, so you can rest assured that your data is in safer hands.

The actual cost of developing a web app totally depends on the complexity & requirements of the project. We can just track the average price ranges. If your web app project is simple, then it ranges on an average between $1,000-$50,00. If your project has more complications, it might cost around $50,00-$15,000.

If you’ve unique requirements and are looking to request a custom quote, then checkout to this link.  

Web apps are of different types including, 

  • Static web apps
  • Dynamic web apps
  • Single-page web apps
  • Multiple page web apps
  • Content management systems 
  • Portal web apps
  • Progressive web apps
  • E-commerce web apps
  • Animated web apps

And, our web app developers are specialized in building all these web app types efficiently. 

It’s good to collaborate with a web app development agency, when you don’t have the expertise or time to concentrate on development activities. But one thing you must focus on is, the web app development agency you partner with should have the experience specifically in your niche. 

We at Biitsinc.com, have a profound experience and skillset in web app development. Not only that, but our experience with multiple clients also belonging to different industries such as education, healthcare, travel, real estate, finance, e-commerce, and a lot more will help us find the best solution for you! 

Definitely. We’re actually excited about it. We’ve seen so many clients approaching us with just a plain statement – “We need a web app for our business”. With an empathetic tone, we will make them understand the importance of a web app and enquire about their niche, business history, target demographics, and other business-related information.

Taking heed to all these, we will come up with a custom solution. So, if you don’t have an idea, no regrets, we will help you sort it out. 

For a web app to perform, a web server, application server, and database is required. A web server will receive the request from the user and the application server will process the request. The database will store the details. 

On an average, a web server costs between $70-$320 per month. Some web servers will have yearly subscriptions too. Based on the server you choose; pricing may slightly differ.

All the reasons to choose BIITS

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